The world is preparing for war; the Yuan-Ti on their island plan an invasion of the mainland, while the Human empire of Imperia allies with the Dwarven king Amadeus in a defensive pact. Here enters the party, assembled in Garinos to deliver a secretive scroll to King Amadeus. Their journey will take them through Imperia and Francorc, through the Elven nation-states and the anarcho-capitalist dystopia of Fredonia to finally reach the kingdom of Eyran and deliver it to Amadeus.

The world is a dangerous place, filled with monsters and demons. Ancient ruins litter the landscape and cults have begun to move. Gods rise and fall, and the Feywild and Mortal World are beginning to collide. The Brando family, the oldest and mightiest Archfey family, has begun to take an interest in the mortal world as well.

This is the landscape of the world at the start of Dungeon Ball Z. Find out what happens next week… on DUNGEON BALL Z.